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Now with TWO locations, 
Dr Guerrero provides up to date comprehensive Pediatric care. He is a board certified Pediatrician and is a Baylor College of Medicine faculty member at Children's Hospital of San Antonio.  

All of us at STCC are very excited to serve our community and our children and become the leading facility in childhood medicine in our region.

Make the SWITCH today and see what a difference specialized Pediatric care can make in you and your children's lives!

Contact Us

Click on medici logo to download after-hours app!!!! Location when asked is Uvalde, Tx
11825 West Ave. #108 
San Antonio, Tx 78216
South Texas Children's Clinic
Roy Antony Guerrero M.D.
Fax for both clinics:
1014 Garner Field Rd
Uvalde, Tx 78801
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